Illustration Commissions:
Depending on the variables of the project, commissioned work could be an hourly rate or a total cost of the project.  Please call or email me for quotes.
Graphic Design:
Logos, brochures, booklets, business cards, icons, avatars
Variables in the equation are also a factor but generally speaking, an hourly rate will likely be applied. For more information, please call or email me for quotes.
Caricatures are a great and unique idea whether made as gifts (especially for the holiday, guest of honor, etc), entertainment, logos, or avatars for your social media profile. The various options for caricatures can be taylored to your specific needs such as logos, dates, and themes that can be pre-printed for your special occasion.  Call or email me for your quote.
Live caricatures for any event are based on an hourly rate.  How many people per hour can I draw? 12 to 13 people (meaning black and white sketches of the bust: head and chest). 
All day venues can be accommodated as well for a set price.  
Corporate Events, Grand Openings, Fairs, Weddings, and Birthday Parties whatever the venue, I will be there ready to draw you leaving your with a smile on your face.  

Satisfied clients Include:
Best Buy
Dreamworks Animation
Western Dental

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